EMMA WORLDWIDE just launched the European brand Walra® on one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China, TMall Global. Some services included: KOL & Social Media Management & Set up, cross-border ecommerce integration with payment providers such as Alipay. We managed all advertising & ranking/traffic creation, warehouse inventory management, custom clearance procedures, product labeling, pick & pack and last mile delivery service to final client. We also provided operations & customer service management services including digital content, order management. We’ve set up the operation so communications between e-commerce and logistics is fast and flawless and no stress for the client to manage

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS August 5, 2021- This August, Walra®, the Dutch luxury home textiles brand with over 149 years of heritage, will launch their namesake flagship store on China’s Tmall Global e-commerce platform. Established in 1873, Walra® has been synonymous with quality and luxury as they attained the official royal textile brand designation bestowed by the Dutch Royal Family in 1877.

Drawing upon the similarities between Dutch and Chinese wedding traditions, Walra® has been part of the Dutch bridal doweries for many generations of newlyweds starting their lives together. Recognizing the important role that bedding and linens have in creating a harmonious sanctuary, Walra’s design team draws inspiration from the latest trends spotted on the European fashion catwalks and combines them with clean lines and natural elements to create their unique “modern pastoral” style. Since 2020, Walra® has taken a sustainable approach and only sources soft natural cotton for their textiles.

Their bath sets are awash in a neutral palette of earth tones like gray, ivory, pastel pinks and blues that bring soothing elements to a fast paced and unpredictable world. No matter how difficult life is on the outside, there is nothing more comforting than wrapping yourself up in a soft and sumptuous Walra® towel to comfort the body and soul.

CEO of Walra, Mr. Ed Veelenturf, is excited to bring a piece of rich Dutch heritage to the Chinese market. He enthused, “As Walra textiles have been in the homes of many generations of Dutch families, I hope to bring this experience of luxuriating in the softness of Walra® towels to Chinese families for generations to come.”


Walra®, a leading luxury-grade brand from the Netherlands that produces home textiles at an accessible price-point. Walra® is wellknown for their exquisite design and softness. You will find WALRA® in almost every household in the Netherlands.


VESPO BV, parent company of Walra®, a textile expert that is active in various markets from home textiles to workwear and a major player in developing private labels for famous brands in Europe. Vespo pays attention to corporate responsibility through improvements in the working conditions of its producers and sustainability in the manufacturing of their products. For more information, please visit vespo.nl

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