Is Happiness easier than what we make it out to be? A topic that has popped up in our conversations lately has been “Why is it so hard to be happy but so easy to be miserable?” Most media outlets, news channels & even social media is constantly sharing negative news, politics or just celebrity drama, making it extremely difficult to find the inspiring stories or topics that get our creative minds flowing. Being a marketing agency we thrive on positive news and creativity. When minds are filled with negative stories it makes it really difficult to pull people out of their “slumps” coming back to our question. Why does it take so much work to make someone happy but it’s so easy for someone the feel down and negative? If we’re being honest we don’t have that answer yet BUT we have started to think about all the “little things” that do make us happy. Simple task throughout our day that bring smiles to our faces, takes the stress off our shoulders and makes our day just a bit more enjoyable. We thought we would share some of our favorite things that make us smile